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Let's rethink email

Email is broken

Every tool in the internet era has a single point of failure which is email. Many claim that they are “replacing email”. Still, no one has approached the problem by using the existing technology of email and build on top of it.

Collab email is about fixing email for you and your team. Instead of being yet another platform, Collab email is a browser plugin that lives inside your Gmail. You won’t have to use another piece of software or web site.


Here is what you get from our service



Mark important text right on your email and create annotations for the rest of your team. Delegating work was never easier.



Keep all email related communications inside your inbox. No need to check on dates, use external tools or call your team mates for important jobs.


Stay synced

Now all your shared emails are getting synced no matter what. No more endless forwarding of emails or struggling to keep in touch through Trello, Slack, etc.


Be secure

Collab email never stores your emails or anything else besides the data it creates. SSL is standard in all connections through our API.



Keep your colleagues in the loop with a single click. With Collab email, sharing an email is not the same as a simple forward. People will stay informed for any new activity in that thread without having to do a thing.

You just add the members or the teams you want to share it with. They will receive the thread inside their inbox and stay synced.

Simply magic, don’t you think?



Communicating with your team has never been easier. Now you can make annotations and comments on issues with your team right on your gmail window. Just mark anything that is important on your email and turn it into an annotation.

Mention any team member and they will get notified instantly. Reply to your team members’ comments without mailing them back. Keep all your team conversation in one place.

startups Team Workaholics “Make teams and collaborate faster than ever before”

Move fast without breaking things

Startup life is fast. People join your team every day, support requests are piling up and it's hard to keep up with your team as this requires frequent meetings. helps you deal with that problem without adding another tool.

microentrepreneurs Walter White “Excelent time efficiency for me and my VA’s”

Many projects? No problemo!

As a microentrepreneur you might have a few projects, separate teams for each one and of course different tools for managing the whole thing. helps you deal with all that mess as you can assign tasks right from your email and easily handle your associates and VAs.

designer John Adams “Concentrate on your projects and never forward another email”

Claim your sanity with email

As a designer it doesn't matter which tool you prefer, customers will always email you. What happens though when you are on a team and the forwarding game begins? to the resque. Increase your productivity by working right from your gmail.

Fix your email now

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